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Trek Wealth Planning is a fiduciary financial advisor based in Columbia, MO, serving clients nationwide. We are dedicated to helping families get ahead financially so they can pursue work they enjoy, have lifestyle flexibility, and spend more time with the people they love.

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Do you worry that you're not on track to hit your financial goals?

Family life is hectic. You are busy shuttling kids to and from activities, making sure everyone is fed, not to mention trying to excel in your own professional career. The demands of showing up fully for your family and work make it hard to also spend time managing your finances.

We Bring Clarity to Your Financial Life

Understand Your Money

We have a teacher's mentality and will make sure you to feel confident about your money decisions

Spend Intentionally

Our cash flow plan will help you enjoy your money today while still saving for your future, so that you can spend without guilt

Automate Your Saving

After we've determined the best places to save, we'll automate everything to save you time and get your money working for you

Invest Confidently

We will recommend personalized investments that align with your risk tolerance and time horizon to help your money grow

Minimize Taxes

We'll help you get your withholding right, take advantage of any tax breaks, and invest in tax-optimized accounts

Live Freely

Never waste time googling for financial advice again knowing you have outsourced your financial management to a professional

4 Easy Steps To Start


Schedule a free introductory call

A quick 15-30 minute call so we can both make sure there is a potential fit. If not, we will point you to a better solution


Custom Roadmap

We will use the information from our first call to build you a customized roadmap with the opportunities we see to improve your financial health


Think it through

There are no pushy sales people here. We will give you time to consider whether Trek Wealth Planning is the right advisor for your family


Start your Journey to Financial freedom!

Get excited because you are about to have a clear vision for what you want your money to accomplish for you and a defined path to get there

A Financial Partner You Can Trust


Being a fiduciary means that we must act in the best interest of our clients and place our clients’ interests above our own.

No Hidden Fees

We take NO commissions and believe our clients should know exactly how we’re compensated.

Niche Focus

We specialize in working with young families who want to plan for their future and achieve financial freedom.

CFP® and CFA

Less than 1% of financial advisors hold both the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and Chartered Financial Analyst designations.*


FOUNDER & Financial Planner

Jordan Nietzel, CFA, CFP®

FOUNDER & Financial Planner

Jordan Nietzel, CFA, CFP®

Welcome! I started Trek Wealth Planning because I saw a need for families who want unconflicted advice beyond just managing investments. As my own family started growing, I realized how valuable good advice around college planning, insurance, and cash flow could be. I wanted my money to go in so many different directions, like saving for retirement, investing in my kids’ college funds, a larger house, and family vacations. The options were endless, which left me in a state of paralysis. I realized I needed a plan to know what was possible, prioritize my goals, and map out how I could achieve them. As I looked in the marketplace for a planner that could help me with insurance, taxes, investments, and cash flow management, I realized most planners had a minimum net worth requirement that I couldn’t meet, and their advice focused mostly on investing my retirement accounts. I knew I had the skill set to do it on my own, so I decided to start Trek Wealth Planning. We are a financial advisor based in my hometown of Columbia, MO, and serving clients nationwide.

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5 Mistakes That Keep People Working 9-5

And how you can avoid them

Are you looking for freedom from the 9-5 job? Do you want flexibility to travel and spend more time with friends and family. Our free guide walks through the 5 most common mistakes young families make that delay their financial independence.

*$10,000 invested each year at an 8% annual return

Time is Your Best Friend

*$10,000 invested each year at an 8% annual return

The greatest asset we have is time. Traditionally, advisors have only worked with people who were already wealthy. You had to figure out how to accumulate the assets on your own. Then, if you figured it out, you could hire an advisor to take it from there. But how much did those investors leave on the table by not having an advisor’s help the whole way?

Good financial advice can have the biggest impact for young families with time for compound interest to work. That’s why we have made it our mission to create an affordable service for young families to grow their wealth. You’ll never have more time in front of you than you do right now, so there is no better time to get started on your financial plan!

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