Financial planning for professionals with employee stock options

How we help you

Optimize taxes

We’ll help you understand how your options are taxed and how to avoid an unexpected tax burden

Evaluate risk

Having a lot of your wealth tied to one company is risky. We’ll help you quantify the risk and diversify if necessary

Plan for liquidation

We’ll work together on a plan to exercise and eventually sell your stock options

Manage cash

You may need cash available to exercise your options or pay the tax bill so we’ll help you plan ahead for this 

Integrate big picture

Our planning is comprehensive. We’ll help you understand how your stock options affect the rest of your finances

Fund your goals

Your stock options are a tool. We’ll help you utilize them to achieve your financial goals.

Why Work With Us?


Being a fiduciary means that we must act in the best interest of our clients and place our clients’ interests above our own.

No Hidden Fees

We take NO commissions and believe our clients should know exactly how we’re compensated.


We know the ins and outs of employee stock options and other equity-based compensation. 

CFP® and CFA

Less than 1% of financial advisors hold both the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and Chartered Financial Analyst designations.*


FOUNDER & Financial Planner

Jordan Nietzel, CFA, CFP®

FOUNDER & Financial Planner

Jordan Nietzel, CFA, CFP®

Welcome! I started Trek Wealth Planning because I saw a need for professionals to integrate their employee stock options into their bigger financial picture. I spent several years working in the fintech space and accumulated some employee stock options along the way. I realized how valuable these options could be, but at the same time, how complicated they are to understand. I wanted to make the most of my options and use them to help me accomplish the other financial goals I had, like saving for retirement, paying for my kids’ college, and buying a house. Without a clear path forward, I was left in a state of paralysis and defaulted to inaction. I realized I needed a plan to know what was possible, prioritize my goals, and map out how I could achieve them. I looked for a planner who knew about employee stock options and could also help me with insurance, taxes, investments, and cash flow management. I realized most planners had a minimum net worth requirement that I couldn’t meet, and their advice focused mostly on investing my retirement accounts. I knew I had the skill set to do it on my own, so I decided to start Trek Wealth Planning.